We recognize that the egg aisle is a confusing place.  That’s why we hope to earn your trust so that instead of having to understand every industry term out there like cage-free, free-range, or pasture-raised, you can simply reach for our package with confidence, because you know we’re doing the right thing for hens, farmers, and for your family.  We hope that our customers discover that we care about our hens so much that if there was a better way to raise them —­ we’d be the first ones doing it.



For many decades, the egg aisle has been almost entirely caged eggs coming from hens living indescribable lives. Finally, after years of advocacy and the growing awareness of consumers about this barbaric form of agriculture, things are beginning to change. We expect that caged eggs will be a thing of the past within the next 10 years. That’s great news for chickens, and for all of us. But, it also means that there will now be lots of less scrupulous companies trying to jump on the bandwagon. In most cases, this will be the former caged producers now producing “cage-free” eggs, but essentially using the same industrial approach they used in the past. It will represent a marginal improvement in hen welfare, because they will finally be able to move around. But the facilities where they are raised will in no way represent what a consumer would consider to be a farm in terms of scale, crowding, cleanliness, or transparency.

Our hens are allowed to roam in pasture, timber, and, on occasion, our front porch going where they need to get the natural nourishment and life a hen needs to produce the most amazing eggs.  We have no preference in a particular breed of chicken over another as they all have their good and bad traits.  Some of our hens are incredible layers, but not good at "protecting" themselves in a predator situation, so we have other breeds of chickens who have no problem warning off a predator.  We have over 1000 ft of electric poultry netting to let them wonder in a carefree and protected environment.  Our German Shepherds and other predator deterrent animals we are adding (donkey, llama, guinea fowl, geese) protect our hens as well.  

If you have never seen and/or tasted the difference in a true farm-to-table egg vs the bland snot that comes from the grocery store, you are in for a real treat.  Eggs are nature's perfect food and you will not see the difference when you crack open the egg (we have both brown and white egg producers) by the vibrant orange of the yolk and the egg white staying in the immediate area not running all over; you will TASTE the difference and know you are eating the most healthy egg you can put in your body. 

1 dozen - $4

2 dozen - $7.50

3 dozen - $10.50

5 or more dozen - $3/dozen

Delivery points around KC Metro will be given at later date.  We will start offering this service by June 1st, 2018.