Hogs have been an important contributor to the dining table but in today's world, where do they come from and how where they raised?  Hogs were traditionally raised in the woods, as they are the ultimate forest creature. They were never meant to be raised on concrete, in cages or crates, and under florescent lights. Our hogs grow up in the woods and on pasture. They eat what they find as they forage, plus what we give them, and the cracked eggs from our pastured hens. They are supplemented with non-GMO feed mainly to keep them trained to come when called.  Eating our pork will be a culinary experience to be remembered.  


As a HUGE fan of smoked bacon and cured hams, we take great comfort knowing all of our hams and bacon are nitrate free!  Pasture raising adds real value to the meat. A pastured pig is always on fresh grass doing what God intended them to do; root, dig, and run. This definitely improves the quality of the meat and the quality of the animal's life. In a barn, pigs must be fed all their vitamin's and minerals. A pasture raised hog can root and dig to find its own minerals.

We don't raise ordinary pigs, we raise Happy Pigs!

We will be raising a few different breeds and some crosses to see what we like best with regards to foraging, ideal development, safety, and, most importantly, flavor.  We are open to various breeds to raise for you if you have a preference as we only raise what we take deposits on, so if you have a preference at time of deposit, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.  The breeds we will be raising by our choice is Berkshire, Duroc, Heritage Hereford and few crosses of proven flavor we are looking for.  We do not farrow (deliver babies) on our farm.  There are many talented breeders out there that we source our pork.  This allows us to raise various breeds versus being stuck with one or two particular breeds.  We only raise the pigs in the summer and fall for target late November or early December harvest.  While pigs are extremely hearty animals in winter, the watering of them in the winter becomes a very labor-intensive chore. 

If you would like a whole or half pig, please put your deposit down to reserve yours.  Upon butchering, we will provide you with the number to our butcher and they can take your custom order however you like.  You pay them directly over the phone for your processing fee. Upon completion, we will offer Farm to Table delivery in the Kansas City Metro area if you would like us to deliver.  

 A half share of pork will yield approximately 75 to 100 pounds of freezer meat.

 1/2 meat hanging weight(100 to 130 pounds) x $3.95 = $395.00 - $513.50

 Plus Processing$100.00   - $135.00  approximately, depending on what specialties you may wish to add, it could be more. 

 Total $495.00 - $648.50

$35 delivery fee if you would like us to deliver within the KC area.  Please have your freezer space ready.

Deposit to reserve your half pig is $100


A whole share of pork will yield approximately 150-200 pounds of freezer meat.

Whole hog hanging weight (200 to 260 pounds) x $3.45 = $690 - $897

Plus Processing $200-$270 approximately, depending on what specialties you may wish to add, it could be more. 

Total $890 - $1167

$35 optional delivery fee if you would like us to deliver within KC area.  Please have your freezer space ready.  

Deposit to reserve your whole pig is $200

For all you single folk out there that may be intimidated by a whole or half hog, please contact us as we will be keeping a list of you and if there is enough of you, I will allow 4 way split.  It gets WAY too complicated for more division than this:)